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Dreamaker Equity is the fundraising website for Thai startups. Statups can raise fund in exhcange of shares of the company through Dreamaker Equity.

We are currently prepared the crowdfunding backend system. Once we receive the permission from the Securities and Exchange Commission (Thailand), investor can view pitch and invest in startups.

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By Wise Kingdom Co.,Ltd.

From the success of www.veoonline.com with more than 10,000 students enrolled in the past 3 years, Wise Kingdom co., ltd. is launching the 2nd gen online education platform. Xducation uses algorithms to modify and generate courses that match the needs of students. The platform also introduce eMoney, Wallets, point reward system, and note sharing to facilitate the growing e-learning industry. Be a part of the life-long learning platform that shapes Thailand education.

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    By MY BAND COLP.,Ltd.

    Myband is an online band booking platform that connects artists and bands with customers and event organizers who are looking for music bands to perform during their private events such as New Year party and wedding ceremony. Myband use only copyright playlist; therefore a portion of revenue goes directly to music composers. Invest in Myband to be a part of Thailand's first and the only one band booking platform with copyright.

    Premise Biosystems

    By Premise Biosystems

    Premise Biosystems is developing an automated cancer testing machine that precisely extracts circulating tumor cells (CTC) from blood sample. Liquid biopsy negative selection helps increase precision so that doctors can detect early stage cancer in time.

    1x1 WALL

    By One by One Wall Co.,Ltd.

    1x1 WALL is Thailand's first online art e-commerce platform that collects high quality original artworks from around the world. Collectors can purchase and trade artworks on the platform with transparent pricing. 1x1WALL is raising funds to expand its B2B and B2C business for original and reproduction artworks.


    By Fixzy

    Fixzy is Thailand's first mobile application for home maintenance service. Users can use Fixzy to call fixman to fix water system, air conditioner, electricity, and other minor repair jobs in their house. Following 2 years of operation, Fixzy has more than 3,000 verified fixman and has completed more than 20,000 jobs countrywide.


    By Wise Kingdom Co.,Ltd.

    Starting with an intention to bring Siam Square online, Veoonline is an online e-learning platform that bring hi-quality instructors online in order to distribute learning experience to everyone. Veoonline offers courses ranging from elementary school level to high school and university level.

    The First Seminar of Equity Crowdfunding in Thailand

    by Dreamaker Equity Crowdfunding